12 Scientifically Cute Facts About Puppies You Have To Know

Puppies are hard-wired to appeal to us, with their adorable squishy faces, little paws, and wet noses. But there is more to young dogs than downy fur and floppy ears. Here are 12 scientific facts about them to coo over:


A January 2019 study found that puppies respond when humans speak in sing-song tones, but adult dogs couldn’t care less. Researchers from the University of Lyon at Saint-Etienne found that people speak more slowly and at a much higher pitch when talking to puppies (or pictures of them, at least) than when talking to humans or adult dogs. When the researchers played recordings of participants’ puppy talk to dogs, they found that the puppies showed greater responses to the cooing than to recordings of humans using their regular (human-directed) voices. Adult dogs, on the other hand, did not. It’s hard to say why that is, but it could be that puppies are wired to respond to high-pitched sounds, but they eventually grow out of it.cute animals cute animals cute animals cute animals cute animals


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Looking at cute pictures of puppies at work is more productive than you’d think. In a 2018 study, Japanese researchers found that viewing pictures of puppies made people better at tasks that required close attention. Viewing pictures of older dogs, however, was not as effective. People were more effective and more careful in accomplishing the tasks before them if they were flooded by the positive emotions of seeing an amazingly adorable baby animal. The researchers suggest that maybe people should look at cute things before driving or at work to help them focus.

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