5 of the Best Budget Coffee Makers

4. Hario VDC-02W V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper, White

Source: Amazon

When it comes to coffeemakers, this pour-over coffee dripper is about as basic a device as you can get. Consisting of only one component – a ceramic funnel – this pour-over coffee dripper can be placed on top of a cup or a carafe. After inserting a paper cone filter, hot water is then poured over the grinds and coffee drips out of the bottom. The grooves inside the ceramic funnel help the coffee flow smoothly out of the hole in the bottom.

While there are even cheaper plastic versions of this coffee dripper available, we recommend sticking with the ceramic one – it will last longer than plastic. The one pictured above only brews up to four cups, but Hario also offers versions that can brew up to six cups. Although it requires a little more effort than an automatic drip machine, a ceramic coffee dripper is the perfect solution for coffee drinkers on a budget.

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