5 Ways to Brew Better Iced Coffee

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There’s nothing like a tall cup of iced coffee on a hot day. Or a warm day. Or a cool day, or any day, really. Iced coffee is refreshing, invigorating, and easy to make. It doesn’t even require electricity.

There are two ways to brew iced coffee. One is to brew regular hot coffee at double strength, then add ice to cool it down and dilute it. The other way is to cold-brew your coffee. I wish I could say both methods were created equal, but you really can’t beat cold-brewed iced coffee.

Brewing with cold water takes longer, but it produces a sweet, delectable coffee flavor, with none of the acidity or bitterness that often results from hot-brewing methods.

To make the best cold-brewed iced coffee possible, you’ll need some basic equipment. Here are 5 of our favorite pieces of gear to make the best cold-brewed coffee possible.

Cold Bruer

cold bruer

The cleverly named Cold Bruer coffee brewer is a gorgeous glass device with all the hardware you need to make cold-brewed coffee built into it.

You fill the middle chamber with freshly ground coffee, place in the slow-drip valve, then fill the top chamber with ice water. Over a couple of hours, the water sifts down through the coffee grounds and gradually extracts the flavor before dripping into the bottom carafe.

The result is some of the best-tasting iced coffee you’ll find anywhere. Get a Cold Bruer and never settle for sub-par iced coffee at home again.

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