Trends come and go and, because of their very nature, often repeat years later. But the true men’s wear classics have stood the test of time – decades even, remaining an essential fashion staple for the contemporary men’s style canon. Whether the year’s 2017 or 2055, the following nine pieces will continue to infiltrate into the stylish man’s wardrobe, his workplace and finally, the weekend.Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion

Don’t have all on the list? There’s only one thing for it – shopping.

Chambray / Denim Shirt

The summery chambray shirt can be traced back to the French actor, Alain Delon and the Nouvelle Vague movement in the Sixties. The Euro heritage met with that of America’s Paul Newman, and both showed the world just how good the casual, cotton shirt could look for smart casual purposes.

In either dual pocket of single pouch, pick a chambray with perfect fit and a light blue colour. Then, when in the city pair with a linen blazer and mid-blue wash jeans or with chino shorts and leather brogues for a more relaxed feel by the sea.Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion

Wayfarers (Well…. maybe these come in waves)

Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion

Wayfarers were a hit in 1956 with their debut release Ray Ban, and are said to be the best-selling eyewear of all time. After a brief demise in the Seventies, the Eighties saw them feature again in films like Risky Business, with Tom Cruise’s killer moves slipping them back into the fashion spotlight.

Today, most luxury eyewear makers have their own versions in a multitude of types: tortoiseshell, dark brown and even leather frames making an appearance. But the original gloss black and matching black lens are indeed the most stylish and timeless of all them. Wear them with everything.

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