Navy Blazer

No longer reserved for member’s clubs of preppy business types, the navy blazer – made iconic by Ralph Lauren – has become a men’s wear staple.Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion

In two general types – structured or unstructured – the role of the blue-hued blazer differs depending on its fabrication; the former being more traditionally tailored compared to the more relaxed version.

Whatever the occasion, the navy blazer still follows the rules of fit: sharp on the shoulder and slim down to waist. Keep the details minimal with tonal or brass buttons, a slim lapel and single-breasted; ensuring the jacket can fluidly transition from casual Fridays to the weekend with a pair of khaki chinos and leather lace-ups.

Leather Oxford Lace-Ups

Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion

A solid, sleek pair of leather shoes are the very anchor of every stylish man’s outfit. For timelessness, the Oxford and Derby are the go-to varieties, whatever the season. Oxfords and Derbys are distinguished by their lacing mechanism.

Dumbed down, the Oxford has a closed lacing system that is a more streamlined look; while the Derby boasts an open lacing system, is a slightly more relaxed fit, giving it a more casual look.

You can opt for the brogue versions of each, recognised for their punch-hole perforations in decorative patterns on the shoe’s surface. Stick to black, dark brown and tan for hues that will serve your wardrobe needs for years.

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