The Difference Between a Latte And a Macchiato, and Other Things You Need to Know on National Coffee Day

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For all the people who believe coffee is way better than tea, get ready to celebrate: National Coffee Day in the United States is Sept. 29, and a few cities that love coffee the most will really have a reason to have fun.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the United States celebrates National Coffee Day on Sept. 29. After all, we also have National Frozen Food Day (March 6) and National Redhead Day (Nov. 5).

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It pays to know the subtle differences between espresso-based coffee drinks. | Zinkevych/iStock/Getty Images

Most restaurants, such as Peet’s, Tim Hortons, and the soon to change namesDunkin’ Donuts, will have National Coffee Day freebies and promos to celebrate the occasion. But if you’re heading to a coffee shop for a brew, you’re going to have a lot more choices than regular or decaf. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll see on the menu.

The Difference Between a Latte And a Macchiato

For most Americans, the coffee choices come down to regular or decaf, with or without cream and sugar. That’s about the extent of what your percolator, French press, or drip coffee machine produces. The elaborate drinks you find at Starbucks and other coffee shops are all espresso-based concoctions with dairy, but all of them are slightly different, according to Latte Art Guide.


Espresso is simply a finely-ground and firmly-packed coffee bean that has water forced through it. A good espresso is the basis for all of the drinks to follow, including a…

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